Best Mac OS X Lion Wallpaper Collection

Get Inside

This wallpaper has a 3D effect which makes it more appealing.

Fantasy Lion

The blazing, golden lion with a quiet look on its face creates a mysterious aura.

Rigid Space Lion

A roaring lion with an abstract, space backdrop creates a scary look.

That Look

The fierce gaze is sufficient in itself to eat you up.

Lion In Apple

Cool liner and lion’s face inside the apple logo embossed on a black backdrop makes it a cool wallpaper.

Cute Cub

The little cub is having a nice time on the confetti decorated orange background.

Sober Lion

Elegant and soothing, this light shaded wallpaper is designed creatively with the lion’s face forming the “O” in the word.

Lion Leap

Snow lion taking a high jump with a high-resolution display that is simply breathtaking.

Lion Mac Collection

Sophisticated in look, this wallpaper is easy on eyes and good for those who like to keep it plain.

Universal Appeal

Try out this universe look and you are bound to be pleased every time you switch on your PC.

Forest Majesty

The white lion sitting against a wooden, lighted backdrop has a monarch like presence.

Mountain Lion Baby

The little lion king with a confused expression on his face is looking extremely innocent.

Classic Wallpaper

The rainbow shades apple logo has a glossy and glamorous look.

Lion Shadow

Wonderful design that has a lion looking from a tinted glass wall and the apple logo pasted on it green color.

Jungle King

The lion is not called the king without reason and this swashbuckling wallpaper tells you why.

Sleep Well

The lion king, having a sound sleep on the grass bed, is looking awesome.

Lap Of Luxury

The Mac OS X is just like that, cozy and comfortable for the young.

Lion Mane

Have a look at this lion’s mane, it can easily give a girl with best hair, a complex.


These two fierce lions, roaring at their loudest best, send shivers down the spine of onlookers.

Always Powerful

The lion king, playing with the ring master’s whiplash in its cage, still wields power.

Liberal Leo

The shining eyes and the sombre countenance show the kind side of the lion.

White Lion Apple

The snow like whiteness of this lion is a treat to the eyes.

Classic Gait

Walking in its majestic style, king leo easily outperforms the ramp models.

Mac Lion Silver Wallpaper

Twin shades of black and white and color in a single wallpaper present a special look.

Mountain Lion Wallpaper

Sitting in front of a star lit blue backdrop, there is some serious thinking going inside the mind of the mountain lion.


The lightning sparks running throughout the body of the lion look magical.

Serene Wallpaper

The snow-capped mountain top with a reddish tint presents a calm aura that appeases the mind and eyes.


It is a fantastic wallpaper with a soothing but glamorous color scheme.

Lion Apple

This wallpaper with a lion inside the apple at the center of a white backdrop is looking cool.

In Thoughts

The brooding lion in a black and white surrounding with a blue apple creates an elegant wallpaper.